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Raj N Phani

Zagg Network

Raj, an alumnus of New York University, is a serial entrepreneur having built successful businesses in the prepaid payment, internet, retail and brand merchandising.

In 2001, he founded  ’eYantra’ - a corporate merchandising platform which is one of the largest in the world, Successfully raised multiple rounds of Private Equity and gave an exit to the Investors.

Raj funded ‘Loylty Rewardz’ when it was an idea on paper with a 750k USD investment and that returned 33X back to its investors in 6 years.

He founded ’Zaggle’ in 2011,  which launched a host of innovative payment solutions and product in association with VISA & Banks in India.  Zaggle has over a million cardholders in the market.

He worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the US. He has good experience in raising capital from private equity and venture capital.

He is a key contributor to the Indian startup ecosystem with over 29 investments so far.